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In Love and Light

Spiritual Healing Massage

Barbara Anne Rose Author LMT

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  • Rima September 14, 2013, 3:03 pm

    How do I keep communication clear and colmartobfe?It works so well when I stop myself from worrying why someone has not called me back. I stop to think that their day or their week may be very full and busy with activities and events I know nothing about. I remind myself to send loving thoughts to them, releasing the unfounded fears I have about them or the relationship. I remember to not take things personally or so seriously. This is only my ego feeling neglected. I can just relax and wait for communication to begin again at the perfect time for both of us. Jeanne

  • Barbara Berwick September 28, 2013, 8:11 pm

    Hello Rima,
    I know and understand how it can feel difficult at times, especially when it’s about relationships. You are doing some wonderful things to help yourself by sending loving thoughts and realizing the other person involved may be busy or have stuff going on in their life. So many of us worry to much about so much. Be concerned and loving towards yourself no matter what happens. Do you meditate? Listen to music that soothes your soul? Or play a musical instrument? You don’t have to be good at playing. It just needs to something you enjoy! Or possibly a walk in the park, dig your hands in the earth, plant flowers, a tree. The outside can do wonders for our Spirits.

    In Love and Light
    Author Barbara Anne Rose

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