Excerpts from St Germaine Series:

The Mighty Intelligence acting through your feeling world impels you to certain persons, places and conditions where you find the exact thing you require. Pay attention to these various things because they are acting all the time. You look upon these as just happening. Well, it did not just happen. It happened because a Great Intelligence was acting. That is what you should feel. And for every little thing that occurs in your life. of any prompting you should give praise and gratitude right from the depths of your being, for the smallest one will come to the greatest of all achievement, if you will do that!

You can not help what someone does, except to call their Presence into action to produce Its Perfection there; and that is all you should be concerned with-no other persons world, any place or condition! If you do, you will keep requalifying discord in your world by feeling someone else has made a mistake by taking notice of it.

Do you realize how, by your attention, you have constantly invited disturbance, imperfection and accidents into your world? If you knew what conversation, what contemplation, discussions of destructive things mean, you would not do it. To deny a thing is foolish!

Feelings are acting in your feeling world of which you are wholly unaware until days or weeks later. That is why you must face yourself, keep happiness acting in your world, and than everyone you contact will feel that happiness and return it again to you.

Say Daily Upon rising and sleep and however often you need to help yourself stay in Harmony:

“Mighty I AM Presence come forth, charge my feeling world, charge my physical body with the intelligence, energy, love and powers of the presence.”

Be Blessed

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  • Jasmine April 14, 2010, 7:36 am


    thanks for publishing this quote! It is the ultimate truth. Immediately it centered me! I can’t wait to create your sarong. Be in touch, Jasmine

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