Transformational Coaching Workshop

Have you ever asked yourself: What’s missing in my life?” Or “What more can I do to bring clarity to ______? (Whatever it is you are looking to bring clarity to)

I am holding a workshop which includes strategies and meditations with the purpose of assisting student clarify their goal as well action steps to bring their goals into reality. It doesn’t matter if it is a personal goal, family goal, business or work goal. Meditations and strategies taught will help you find out which goal (who has only one?!) to laser focus on. ? Don’t worry these meditations and strategies will be FUN!

Expect to feel refreshed and lighter in mind and body, ready to take on your world.

One strategy we will be working with is our Modes of Being. The following are a few examples.








Team Leader


Two workshops will be held on September 25th, 2016. Cost is $40 per person. Snacks and Drinks included. There is room for 10 people for EACH workshop. See my FB event here




Barbara Anne Rose

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