Transcending Mind, Body and Spirit, Barbara offers strategic transformational coaching for your personal developement and spiritual journey. Her mentorship programs are available from 6 to 18 months. All programs focus on personal issues regarding health, well being, and spiritual; including sexuality and sensuality.

How I am different:

  • I use strategies that assist you in meeting your needs
  • I express opinions that might seem unbelievable but all intentional
  • I ask questions that may be out of your comfort zone
  • I help you face fears you may not know you have

Email Coaching

One email $25

Ask Barbara one brief but detailed question. She answers questions regarding health, wellness and Spiritual which includes sexuality and sensuality.

Pay BELOW using Pay Pal button. Once you make payment contact me with your question and I will answer within 24-48 hrs



Strategic Transformational Coaching

Initial Consult 15 minutes FREE

In Depth Initial Eval 2 hr $300

Sixty minutes weekly or bi-weekly $150

Over the course of Barbara’s life many have reached out to her as a listening ear. Her inspiring and motivating words will guide you in your life journey when you choose her Personal Development, Spiritual Guidance or Counseling. Barbara has a Doctorate in Counseling and is a Certified Christian Coach with Dowell Institute of Theological Seminary (DITS). She incorpoartes the teachings given to her from her Spiritual teacher: an indigenous Native American. His teachings have brought Barbara countless Spiritual Laws and Truths that will help men, women and couples in their life. She believes helping people deconstruct dis-empowering beliefs, embrace healthier beliefs, as well as creating and keeping new healthy behavorial patterns is key for change. She incorpaorates whole body wellness in her guidance, coaching and workshops.


Coaching Sessions


One Month Strategic Transformational Coaching


INCLUDES: Daily, weekly and monthly goals

One on One weekly sessions: phone (USA ONLY) or Skype for 1 hr

FREE book

In Barbara’s work she includes all aspects of healing: mind, body, soul and Spirit. To best help others in their personal development, your spiritual life is a part of this. Therefore helping you nutritionally and exercise are an important aspect. Barbara is open for discussing what your needs are for full development.



WANT TO TAKE THE NEXT STEP? ARE YOU A CANDIDATE for Barbara’s strategic transformational coaching, personal development and mentorship?

  • You need to be emotionally stable
  • Be willing to invest time, effort and resources. It is a very active, engaged process. Mental and emotional effort is required
  • This is not covered by insurance, and can require a fairly substantial commitment of resources

Including Barbara’s massages and book, Angel Works , provides you greater advantage for healing. When you purchase any one of her programs you recieve her book for FREE. This does not include her email coaching.


Information Barbara will need 

  1. What is the biggest obstacle you find troubling you? 
  2. How long have you been dealing with it?
  3. If you have done anything to help yourself so far, what is that?


Subjects matters may cover 


Sexual Issues

Sexual Intimacy

Past or Present Trauma

Relationship Issues – partner, children, work




Initial consult is used to gather information in order for Barbara to best serve you and is also in determining if she is the right fit for you.

Please respect Barbara’s time when you are in session. Barbara’s personal development, spiritual guidance and mentorship programs are designed to expand your life. When in a client/therapist/student position, it is important to keep this in mind. This will also be explained to you at your first session and throughout, on a as needed basis.



6 Months – $5,900

12 Months – $11,700

18 Months – $17,500

Barbara accepts Pay Pal Financing 


Subject matter includes but not limited to the following:


Falling in Love with Self

Mindful Eating



Relational Communication

Self Pleasure

Sensual Massaging partner




Spiritual Truths/Universal Law

Women’s menses

Why men crave women

Mentorship includes:

  • Barbara’s book, Angel Works
  • Subject matter from all workshops will be taught
  • Weekly 1 hr One on One sessions – phone, Skype, or face to face
  • Weekly email – Three days after Skype/Phone/Face to Face session
  • Daily quotes, mental, physical and spiritual exercises
  • Exercise program
  • Nutritional Program
  • Mentorship involves teaching. NO physical touching

One goal of the relationship is for the protégée to be empowered and guided without being pressed into the mentors image. It is best if the mentor has an ongoing relationship with their higher power, emotional transparency, and a sense of humor.


Mentorship Programs