We are all Flowers

Excerpt taken from my Preface. A story of this flower I mention in my book on page xv Imagine this: We are all flowers. The flower knows everything it needs to know in order to fully flourish at its peak. The flower knows all of its petals. The flower knows if it has thorns or [...]

Angel Works

My book is out! Amazon, Barnes and Noble. Balboa Press, Lybrary Angel Works: Soaring From Abuse to Love Forgiveness and Enlightenment Spiritual Healing Massage Barbara Anne Rose

My Book

Hello, My book has three steps to go before it is published to the masses. I eagerly await for the day it arrives and look forward to promoting myself. I am currently working with my marketing consultant working on the best most beneficial way to market my book on Love Forgiveness and Enlightenment.   Barbara [...]

Swing to the Rhythm

Swing to the rhythm of love. I am in love with me and love is in love with me. What are you swinging to? Barbara Spiritual Healing Massage