Hay House FREE On Demand Show

  Hello Everyone, My first Live Online Hay House Show is now available as a FREE download until July 31 st. August 1st it is available for as little as $9.95. Here is the link. It is a one hour show Hay House On Demand Show Description of show   This Online Event is to [...]

We are all Flowers

Excerpt taken from my Preface. A story of this flower I mention in my book on page xv Imagine this: We are all flowers. The flower knows everything it needs to know in order to fully flourish at its peak. The flower knows all of its petals. The flower knows if it has thorns or [...]

Hay House Live Online Event

Hello Everyone, Please join me for my FIRST Hay House Live Online Show scheduled May 20th for the hour starting at 1:30 pm EST. This show is to help you become more aware of the Spirit being within you. It will help you find out what your Spiritual gift is. Everyone has one. When we [...]


Hello, I will be a vendor at this event promoting my book Angel Works Soaring from Abuse to Love Forgiveness and Enlightenment. Hard and Soft cover for sale along with my massage, bags of sweet grass and bags of White sage. Come join me in the fun Mind, Body & Spirit Festival at Cecil College [...]

Hay House Radio

My Hay house Radio interview is still running every weekend Friday-Sunday month of December. on In Love and Light Barbara Anne Rose

Hay House Radio Interview

Your radio interview will be airing for the first time this Friday at 1pmPT/4pmET and will be replayed for the month of December. The show is called Bright, New Voices: The Balboa Press Hour and here is a link for you to check it out. After the show airs for the first time on [...]

Mind Body Spirit Expo

Two more days till Mind Body Spirit Expo! I will be a vending here in Philadelphia Lincoln Financial Field SCA Club Nov 2-4 Booth A135. Speaking engagement Friday night is a FREE Lecture 6 pm in Suite 39.  Title of speech: Knowing Spirit Within View my BookTrailer At Booth A 135 I will be offering: [...]