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Hay House I CAN DO IT Pasadena, Ca

I will be in Pasadena Ca November 8-10 promoting my book hosting a book signing. Angel Works is my first self published book. It has been a little over one year and I will be off to California before I know. I am very excited about this event. Visit site below to learn about the Convention center [...]


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Arden Fair Peddlers Potions and Practitioners

Hello Everyone!!   Peddlers Potions and Practitioners tomorrow Saturday August 31st from 10-6. Meet many holistic providers offering services such as: Massage Accupuncture Aromatherapy Aura Photgrapher Coaching Hypnosis Gems Stones Crystals Psychic Readings Arts and Accessories Bodywork I will be there promoting my book Angel Works. 8th Annual Peddlers, Potions & Practitioners Holistic Marketplace Saturday, August 31, Buzz Ware [...]

Angel Works

I just found out my book, Angel Works, is sold in the IBooks store through Apple. Cool

Meet Up Group

Hello, I created a group on Meet Up. It’s called Circle of Wellness Delaware. This group focuses on many aspects or wellness including but not limited to: Physical health Exercise Spiritual growth Emotional health Mental health Sexual health I offer the whole approach of wellness into everyday people’s lives. Meet ups can be as simple as [...]

Hay House FREE On Demand Show

  Hello Everyone, My first Live Online Hay House Show is now available as a FREE download until July 31 st. August 1st it is available for as little as $9.95. Here is the link. It is a one hour show Hay House On Demand Show Description of show   This Online Event is to [...]

We are all Flowers

Excerpt taken from my Preface. A story of this flower I mention in my book on page xv Imagine this: We are all flowers. The flower knows everything it needs to know in order to fully flourish at its peak. The flower knows all of its petals. The flower knows if it has thorns or [...]

Book Review

From Volney Steffire friend reader on FB   Dr. David Hawkins used to talk about a Level of Consciousness (LOC) scale. The written word could be measured using this scale. The first thing that I noticed about Barbara Anne Rose’s words was that they were vibrating at a very high frequency. The frequency of written [...]

Hay House Live Online Event

Hello Everyone, Please join me for my FIRST Hay House Live Online Show scheduled May 20th for the hour starting at 1:30 pm EST. This show is to help you become more aware of the Spirit being within you. It will help you find out what your Spiritual gift is. Everyone has one. When we [...]

Book Review

Thank You to my reader Khalil for writing a book review. He has allowed me to post it on this site. Follow me on Face book and you will see his review there too. I read your entire book in a little over 5 hours! I felt like I went on a journey! Absolutely amazing [...]