Spirit Sense

Remember this, you are not your emotions. You are an eternal being inside a physical body, operating through a mind that may or may not be experiencing what it considers to be a pleasurable or negative emotion. Once you detach a bit from the emotions of life, you develop a command of your destiny.

The 6th sense and ESP flows once your subtle energy isnt swamped by excessive thinking and loads of emotions and reactions swishing around the etheric to spoil your perception. Balance, serenity, compassion and spiritual ideals build high energy. There is no logical boundary to your perception because you can pull anything to you in your mind’s eye and place it in front of you and look at it!

Written by Stuart Wilde from his book  Sixth Sense

Be open and listen, but more importantly follow your sixth sense/intuition/gut with action for we will never go anywhere  in life and our relationships without it.  Growth comes with pushing through your comfort zone. Nothing great will come to you without some form of sacrifice; without believing you ARE worth it. Claim back that which has been lost.  Trusting going with the flow and know that you do not need to know all the answers all the time.  

Blessings and Care


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