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I am here to make a stand for all of us independent massage therapists as it concerns social media deals like Groupon, Living Social and Deal Chicken.

General Rules and Guidelines to follow:

1) The deal purchased is the deal you receive.

2) Read all instructions/rules on the deal and honor them

3) Respect the rules and guidelines on deal and honor them

4) Respect the individual business AND owner of the business as they have made their deal for the consumer at a huge discount.

5) When scheduling an appointment honor businesses time by calling as soon as possible in any change of appointment.

6) Do not expect to be seen same day or even same week as these are deals and as a business we must also make sure our full retail clients also have their undivided time.

6) When failure to contact business in a timely manner business has legal right to charge a fee. Each business may be different in their fee and weather they choose to abide by it or not but don’t stand there and judge us for this fee. Most if not all health professionals will charge a late fee, cancel fee, no show fee, etc.  For instance: if you bought a package of three, missed one of these because of a no show or cancelled not in the allotted time frame that business has, then they have the right to redeem voucher/deduct a session from package. I see over and over again people blame us for them being late or client not remembering their scheduled time or their phone dies.

All of my time and my customers’ time is valuable. When a no show happens or a late arrival occurs it is not at the fault of the businesses. I have my own personal stories as it comes to customers not valuing my service or time and plenty of stories from colleagues also in the massage field. What I have noticed is that we the independent massage therapists are not taken seriously as opposed to a business in a bigger spa setting. I hear “It’s not fair”, “Don’t you think your being to harsh?” or comments “I’m an army wife.” “I didn’t get your voice message.” “I lost my phone.” “My dog died.” This or that.  Are we still little children playing games, blaming everyone and everything else of our own doing, not taking responsibility of keeping track of our own lives?

I stand not just as a massage therapist, but  also as an independent woman who just happens to own my own successful business. Other businesses may or may not keep quiet about what really goes on when they also must deal with those who want something for nothing in these deals. I understand wanting a good deal. I’m a member myself of Groupon, Deal Chicken and Living Social but when I make an appointment with a massage therapist, chiropractor, eye doctor etc I will honor the rules and guidelines set forth with the social media deals and also of the business. It’s the right thing to do. I personally have forgotten an appointment I had made (which happened to be for a massage). I called the business to see if they would be able to reschedule and they said they could not. This was fine with me as I knew and understood. I have respect for the business and how they work. I didn’t stand there and complain making comments that I didn’t think it was unfair. Ce la vie. It happens sometimes. We all know life isn’t fair sometimes. But to complain about the smallest most trivial things is quite frankly ridiculous. For those who get me that’s a beautiful thing. For those who don’t get me,  sit back and make complaints then that is not of my doing. All of us are supposed to be responsible mature adults. Let’s get with the program.

In Love and Light

Barbara Berwick LMT Author

Angel Works Soaring From Abuse to Love Forgiveness and Enlightenment


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