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I apologize for any inconvenience to any of my current customers or to those considering seeing me. I am not able to offer Deep Tissue work due to it’s many demands on my hands. It is simply not worth me losing the loss of my ability to give. Besides, for me it is too technical of a massage for me to not just offer but give. These last few weeks have proven these demands to my hands. All of my current clients know and realize I am truly a giving person and I go out of my way to help. The most proficient way for me to give deeper muscle work is through my Esalen massage. It allows me to enter into a state of oneness with you….your body, your mind, your spirit. When this happens everything else goes away and I am able to give to your body deeply, not just on a physical level but on a spiritual level. It takes away the technical aspect of massage. It says: “Here is my body. Touch my body and help heal me.” It works when you don’t even realize it is working. The state you can enter is one of total relaxation. In order for this to happen the client needs to want to go into such a state. Some say it is a magical state. Some say it is not of this world. When there is no pressure on you or me, Esalen work can allow profound healing to take place. Yes, the fee is more but with this type of work you are receiving more. I have package sessions available for this service along with Swedish packages.

Barbara Berwick

Spiritual Healing Massage

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