Outreach Classes

Starting this month on March 18 I will be holding bi-weekly Outreach classes the first and third Sundays at 12 for one hour at my location.

In this Outreach we will be using ‘The Green Books’ and Decree books from The Temple of The Presence. These books offer great wisdom to us taught by Ascended Masters such as St. Germaine, The Great White Brotherhood, the brotherhood of Mt. Shasta, the brotherhood of the Royal Teton, and other Ascended Masters. Godrey Ray King, aka G. W. Ballard worked for the government. He had been sent to Mt. Shasta CA on government business in 1932. This is where he met St. Germaine. The first book, Unveiled Mysteries, tells of this meeting and the conversations that took place.

When I read Unveiled Mysteries in 2008 I had a personal experience with St. Germaine. I am more than happy to share this experience in our first outreach class.

These classes are FREE. There is no obligation other than to show up when YOU ARE READY. I will hold these classes with or without the company of others as I know just how much my life has changed and continues to change in an upward positive direction since my interaction with St. Germaine and these books. There IS a power and it IS real. Agree or disagree, there is no way to know without experiencing for yourself. Without learning.

Through reading and applying what we learn, we will experience for our selves this individualized presence of GOD that is connected to EVERYONE all of the Ascended Masters teach about. Similar, like when clients of mine experience a DIVINE TOUCH session. I have been offering my Divine Touch massage since 2009. I truly believe St. Germaine has been helping me along the way in this work. For those who have experienced my hands, they have commented they simply have never experienced or felt the effects of any other massage! Read many of the testimonials to see for yourself. It will give you an inkling of what it can feel like to be under my hands.

Goddess of The Rose Divine Touch Testimonials

Back to the Outreach Class. This class is for anyone who wants to enhance their life. Who WANTS to learn. Who wants to receive, feel, more LOVE!! And who doesn’t want to feel more love?? All you need is an open mind and willing heart. It’s quite that simple. Really, it is.

Class is held at my location. If you would like to attend please fill out contact form.