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I feel compelled to let everyone in on more of my life. Some of the good. Some of the not so good. Anyone who has seen me and or has been reading my blogs knows I am a Victorious survivor of domestic violence. Many women, and men, who have been abused in any way shape or form see themselves as victims. I do not remember once claiming to be a victim. I may have felt like a victim at times but I have always known and seen deep inside of myself that I AM A SURVIVOR!! I clearly remember at a very young age that little ole me would survive and thrive in my life. That I would be successful. I have often had visions and premonitions throughout my childhood and adulthood. I still do. It is simply absolutely amazing how these come about. One that I am comfortable in telling you about is about my children and only because it has passed.

Back in 1983 just starting college I was walking outside from one building to the next. The day was bright and beautiful. I passed an old friend with her friend and immediately I saw in front of me in my mind 3 young children all playing in a dining room. I saw the dining room, living room and kitchen and the way they were attached to each other. This was the home me and my future husband would be together in. I saw 2 boys and 1 girl and I knew they were mine. I did not know the order. This means I did not know where the girl played in this. If she was the oldest, middle or youngest. All I knew was that these children would be mine. At this time in my life I wasn’t even married. So I was like “okay, where did that come from?”  I met my soon to be boyfriend a week or two later. This was the man I was going to marry and he was supposed to be the one I was to have children with. I also knew this marriage would end up in divorce but as to no clue as to why or how it would happen. God protected me from that information because knows ALL truth. God knows  entire life span. So later in life I marry in 1986. I bear my first child in 1988 then again in 1990 and yet again in 1991. I had my 2 boys first then my daughter. Each time I was pregnant I always kept my vision up in the front of my mind.

My visions kept me moving forward and these visions ARE what gave me hope. They literally gave me the strength and courage to get through all the tough times that were going to come when the marriage would become rocky and all that I believed in fell to the ends of the earth. So what I want you to go away with here is first of all if you see visions trust them and wait for them to come naturally. Nothing comes to you when you have the push attitude. When you do that you push your dreams further away. You push the people away that are supposed to come to you to help you in these dreams. I have so many stories about my dreams coming into reality. From the small to the big. Take one day at a time. You have to honestly Love yourself before you can truly love another. And that love really does need to be unconditional. Unconditional love frees your soul. It takes the worry away from trying to please others so much. You do not need to lay submissive to everyone else’s wants. It is about give and take. Above all respect and accept those for where they are now in their life. Each person has their own path to follow. Their own mistakes to make. Their own growth; hurts, pains, turmoil, but also dreams, gifts, desires. Everyone has the right to have their dreams come true. These dreams you have inside of you are there for a reason!! God places these dreams and desires within you because HE wants you to have them. Because you deserve to have them!!  But dear ones you must love yourself enough. Really love you, believe in you, trust and have faith and please be patient. Nothing comes to those who are impatient or arrogant or keep all this ego inside. It is unhealthy not just for yourself but for mankind. It does not matter if you believe me or not but energy DOES follow thought. Go ahead and try it. My only proof is in me and the stories I have to tell. If you want proof you have to make the effort and do it. Think positive thoughts and positive flows back to you. I have gone back and forth with my own thoughts. When times “feel” tough, stressed, down, whatever, anything negative, circumstances, actions from other people your thoughts when directed towards them will come back to you in the same manner! Just as so if you think positive, loving, caring, thoughts. I am not saying you have to be perfect as we are human. What i say is to give you something to think about. Test yourself for one solid day thinking love and watch what happens. Keep your eyes and ears open to everything around you! Every book that I have read on energy, Karma, Quantum Touch, Pyschic abilities, mediation, even Tantra. They all carry the basics. It is all about the intention in your thought. I dare you. For one day let all the ego go. Let all the arrogance go. Let all the selfishness go. When any negative thought of criticism condemnation enters your mind all you have to do is immediately ask for forgiveness and move on. Don’t stress about it or think on it. I know much easier said than done but the only way to try it is do it.

I believe in you!!


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  • Natalia December 16, 2015, 8:50 pm

    All aspects of you is elxtcay right. Sometimes I feel a disconnect with mind and body and soul. It is truly something I am working on to bring all of me into what I am doing. Otherwise I am just not there. And the lesson is lessened.

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