Love-What is Love? What does love mean to you? Is it conditional, unconditional? Do you fear loving? Do you fear being loved? If so why?

We all grow in our life learning to love more freely or staying away from loving more freely because of hurt and pain from our past. I know and understand. Everyone goes through hurtful relationships. It can take years to come back to a place to love again; to really love again but It is the greatest gift to give to another and it is free. Follow the Law of Love-take it up and live it. Delay love you delay any incoming perfection. Love and being close to your God Presence when in the stillness of your presence, opens you to receive answers to the questions you have going on in your mind. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door shall be open. Do not give attention to discordant and destructive words or actions. Giving attention to these things settles into your feeling world because you admitted it into your hearing.

Excerpt from the Saint Germaine Series-Book 8

You think you Love each other but how can you know what Love really is; until you really know the love which is infinite patience with the mistakes of mankind?

Let us all work towards loving patiently and unconditionally. We will all have better lives and homes. Pass it on!

With All My Love

Barbara Berwick

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