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Hello Everyone,

Please join me for my FIRST Hay House Live Online Show scheduled May 20th for the hour starting at 1:30 pm EST.

This show is to help you become more aware of the Spirit being within you. It will help you find out what your Spiritual gift is. Everyone has one. When we find out what our spiritual gift is we can then use it to help ourselves in our daily walk. It will help you make better decisions in all parts of your life. This Live Online event will help you discover new ways at looking at things, from the biggest to the smallest. It will help you enjoy your life more abundantly with happiness and vigor everyday.

We will talk about Spiritual gifts. What they are. Where they come from. What is yours? In order to help you find out what yours is, I will give you some examples of mine and how I have used my spiritual gift to better myself, overcome obstacles and believe in reaching higher to all the dreams I had and still have inside of me.

My book Angel Works is the story about my life. Of how I persevered through many difficult times such as sexual abuse perpetrated by my father and the many forms of abuse perpetrated by my ex husband. Angel Works Soaring From Abuse to Love Forgiveness and Enlightenment is a story of love, faith, determination and conviction.

We will also be discussing out of body experiences, dreams, meditation, paranormal activity as these are all ways our spiritual gift may show itself. Throughout the course of my forty-seven years I have had many of these types of experiences. Sharing with you my experiences I hope to inspire you to being more aware of everything around you and within you.

Everything I give always come from a passionate heart, willing and able, in truth and love.

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