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I welcome Philadelphia, Delaware, New Jersey and Baltimore to utilize my massage services. I have clients that come to me from all these places.  Here I will give you my weekly food for thought. Each week I may focus on subjects relating to Nutrition, Exercise, Body Image, Spirituality, Nature, Dreams, Power of Our Mind, and Words of Wisdom.

This week I wanted to give you some words that struck me that I think you would find quite interesting about the Power of Our Mind.

 Here goes:

Stopping The Mind: Everytime your mind starts to talk to you (I think this, I want that) Stop! Occupy your mind instead with the act of noticing something such as an ant crawling on the ground by your foot or that red robin you see singing in your backyard apple tree. Take notice of the details of nature. Stopping your mind strengthens your force or will.  When your thinking “I think this” ” I want that”,  help yourself by saying this. Any form of negativity does nothing for your forward moving in this life. Do not accept negative thoughts to run your life nor the negative words of others.

                                 I do not accept that energy. I am serene and silent

Feel free to post back with your own postive words.

This day and age I believe every single one of us can play a crucial part in making our own lives a better place. Remember, it all begins with YOU!!

Be Blessed


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