Esalen Style

This site is for liberated Christians; a natural Holistic approach; which I am!  I just viewed it and wanted to pass it along to the rest of my folk; Christian or not. It shows us that not all Christians are closed minded,  judgmental and prude.  Keep in mind the site is to inform you, guide you in allowing yourself to at least have an open mind. You do not have to agree with everything on the site, as I may not.

Although I have not been Esalen taught in CA; their DVD I bought and study is absolutely beautiful to watch.  As I continue to watch this DVD I realize how much of this is me. I continue to give love, care and patient intuitive work to ALL of my clients. People ask me all the time “Do your hands ever get tired?” My answer to that is NO. What may tire me comes from emotional tiredness. This is only because I truly do give all of me within my sessions. I have learned to balance my own chakras to bring myself back to the grounded and centered state I need to be in.


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