Good Day and a Beautiful weekend this is!!

I feel it is time for a personal note about me to share with you. As you have been reading keeping up with my blogs you know I am an open minded person and I say what I feel. Some may think I am out there more than I should be but to be honest I believe it is necessary for me to do this to let others; especially women, know that you can still say how you feel and be pure to yourself, pure to GOD.

I am a survivor of Domestic Violence. Praise God for healing. Praise God HE brought me out of a horrific experience. Praise GOD I LOVE HIM and I give HIM ALL THANKS! I would not be here without HIM. I would not be here owning my own business without HIM. As a woman, as a person, as a human being, as a child of God I have grown tremendously over the past 8 years since my separation/divorce.

I say to my women readers DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE! EVER!! Dream Big Dreams. God places dreams inside of you for a reason. For you to access them. It is your rightly duty to the Lord that loves you to follow your dreams. THIS IS YOUR WORK!! It can and will only bring you fruits. All dreams are are goals put into action. It takes belief in yourself, a dedicated desire, commitment to continue on in this life with love inside your soul for yourself and others. Yes, even those that you think despise you. I know the pain. I know it requires hard work. I know there are times you will feel like giving up. I know you will at times feel like a failure. You are not any of this as long as you get back up on that horse of life and allow your horse to carry you, help you fly!!

Love and Blessings

Barbara Berwick

For all women who have gone through any type of violence and broken the cycle WE ARE ANGELS in disguise.

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