What I’m about to say, I might be either congratulated or condemned. But I do feel it is a topic that not just needs addressed, rather must be addressed. It is about all the “deals” out there online coming from Groupon, Living Social and even Deal Chicken. Businesses have gone out of business using them. Massage businesses seem to bombard themselves when they sign themselves up to promote and market their services. My problem set so much the utilizing them but when a business starts utilizing them all the time, that’s a problem. It serves as a problem to the business itself but it also hurts other massage businesses, especially the independent ones. One bad egg in the crowd can make the whole organization bad. Let’s face it. Everyone likes a deal. Yeah, I get that. But to create deals over and over again, in my opinion, is ridiculous, unprofessional, and just plain stupid! So what are the pros and cons? Here’s my list:


  1. Get your business name out there
  2. Add more names to your database
  3. Receive new clientelle
  4. Two big checks


  1. Massage therapist is practically working for free
  2. Pay is cut in half if your independent
  3. Pay is drastically cut if your a massage therapist working for someone else (unless your employer knows how to treat you well by compensating you for lost income due to the “deal”)
  4. Maybe 1-2% of these clients are returning clients
  5. People like “free” “discount” services and products
  6. Customers rarely tip on a deal
  7. The massage therapist is taken for granted
  8. Many consumers attempt to manipulate the massage therapist by saying, “How about I just pay you directly instead of paying Groupon this way you can keep the full dollar amount because I know Groupon’s cut is half.
  9. Customers tend to call to make appointments same day they purchased and at very end when promotion is about to expire.


If your a business and choose to have a deal may I suggest the following:

  •  When scheduling clients that have purchased deals, space them out. Do NOT schedule several deal customers same day. You need time dedicated to your full retail clientele too. Remember you are the owner so you are the one that dictates when to schedule.
  • Stick to your guns and don’t allow these customers to manipulate you into doing things their way. This is your business and not theirs!
  • Remain in control of your emotions when customers become angry because they have called you to schedule at the end of when your deal is to expire
  • Have your guidelines set in place ON the Groupon deal AND on your website.


Best of Luck and Many Blessings,

Barbara Berwick

Berwick Enterprises INC.




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