Couples Divine Touch Massage Class

This class is devoted to enabling and empowering couples to reach levels of spirituality and sensuality within a committed, monogamous relationship.

This Class will give you:

  • Enhanced spiritual connection
  • An awakening of deeper desires within yourself
  • An awakening of deeper desires within your mate
  • An awakening of sensual desire
  • Massage Strokes safe for anyone to do

Held at Spiritual and Emotional Healing’s studio. Setting is relaxed, intimate, private and confidential.

To receive the most information on how to learn Divine Touch Massage, Spiritual and Emotional Healing strongly suggests signing up for a weekend retreat. Click here for further information. Retreat is for couples only.

A Brief Description of the Session

The session starts off with relaxed conversation getting to know each other and getting to know you as a couple. It is important to listen and communicate honestly and openly in order for Barbara to do her best at helping you. As a massage therapist she teaches you how to perform basic massage strokes.

Intent is to help you enter into a sub-conscious level. In this state you will then be able to feel all your senses becoming stronger.

With each class afterwards we will continue with the intention of entering into a sub-conscious level which will widen your senses. As senses continue to widen you will become freer in your own selves as individuals and freer as a couple in your love for each other. All making for a happier home!

Each class lasts 2 hrs at the rate of $250. Ten classes are recommended.

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