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I would like to clarify some things. I recently had a review of my book by the Advice Sisters and although I do appreciate her personal and professional advice I feel I must clarify the difference between Spiritual and religious.

First I need to correct the Advice Sisters. Angel Works Soaring From Abuse to Love Forgiveness and Enlightenment, was published in August of 2012 NOT 2013 as stated in their site.

Secondly I will say I am not a religious person who follows any particular religion. I refuse to smack a label onto me or put myself in a religious box. Being a Spiritual person who happens to believe in Jesus Christ does not make me religious or “Christian.” Jesus Christ is one person who taught others on how to love and forgive. So did the Budha and Krishna and mother Teresa and the Dhali Lama. I believe in Love and forgiving others, everyone, just as so many other great teachers have taught.

Another point I feel I need to add is that the mere fact I mention Jesus’s name, does not necessarily give my book the indication that it leads a reader to presume it’s all about christianity. There are many “Christians” who wont even acknowledge dark angels, reincarnation or out of body experiences. I offer many out of ordinary ways of thinking. I offer advice to my readers to help them in better understanding themselves and hopefully enough so that they will make a conscience choice in changing their lives for the better. Universal Truths aren’t a religious thing. Universal Truths are Spiritual Truths all around the world. Universal Truths aren’t attached to any religious group.

And so I say Selah Selah

In Much Love and Light

Barbara Anne Rose


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