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Thank You to my reader Khalil for writing a book review. He has allowed me to post it on this site. Follow me on Face book and you will see his review there too.

I read your entire book in a little over 5 hours! I felt like I went on a journey! Absolutely amazing Barbara! My appreciation for you and the wonderful, beautiful spirit you are in a human body, grew tremendously! My heart, mind, body and soul applauds your strengths! Your spiritual insight has done much more than just caught my attention! It did catch my attention, but I don’t feel at all trapped Barbara! I feel a strong connection to your message and how you overcame the turmoil and struggles! I admire, respect you and how you gained successes and triumphs! Your book helps me improve in many areas in my life, opens me to greater spiritual insights and definitely enlightens me! I felt your book was powerful and enlightening the moment I first heard the title, but I had no idea just how much I would feel that strong connection until I started reading it! Thank you so much for writing this book; Angel Works Soaring From Abuse To Love Forgiveness And Enlightenment!

From Khalil Abdul-Majid Face Book Fan April 30th, 2013


Barbara Anne Rose

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